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180 Dreamland

Mon. - Sun.

Open at 7Am – 10pm

The Art of Cuisine

180 Dreamland promising a definitely no skyscrapers in sight, but instead a spectacular scenic views of Indian ocean and the famous Dreamland beach. A perfect spot to spoil your afternoon with 2 swimming pools and modern cabana, such a worth to wait venue for an ultimate sunset experience. After the sun goes down, the indoor area will transform into a rustic dining area to host you and your friend with regular event to sparking the night.

Believe us, there’s nothing to see down there. It’s everything from up here.

+62 361 8484567 info@klaparesort.com

Mon. - Sun.

Open at 11Am – 7Pm

Golf Terrace

Coworking Space

Relax after your tiring flight with a cup of tea or coffee and greenery view of golf course. Discreetly situated between our lobby and the famous New Kuta Golf Course, the Golf Terrace is a casual café, lounge, & co-working space with light meals and simple fusion street walk cuisine and bites stall.

+62 361 8484567

MICE, Wedding & Social Events

Wed. - Sun.

9pm – 4am

the "Event" will give you the best time


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